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Farmhouse Rounded Hammered Kitchen Copper Sink


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Product Description

Width: 22" Length: 33" Height: 10" Weight: 50 pounds This kitchen copper sink has a standard 3.75" diameter hole with a single well. The copper sheet is 14 gauge (0.064" thickness). The upper border is 2" all the way around it. The bowl measures 29" length by 18" wide by 10" deep with a rounded front apron.From a copper sheet the wise artisan hands transform it into this unique piece. The hammer footprint is very visible, giving it its own character. The reddish/oxidized texture is characteristic of natural copper when it is cooled down from red-hot temperature using cold water, that specific characteristic is what makes it so beautiful.The finish is in a dark brownish color. Keep it as dry as you can to preserve it longer with the current color textures. The patina can be damaged if any abrasive substances (wine, ketchup, orange or lemon juice) are applied to it or stay for long periods of time on the sink surface, because of this, washing it after usage is recommended; besides that, no more maintenance is required.


Width: 22"
Length: 33"
Height: 10"

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